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Лого мать его ;)

играем честно ! ......... почти ;)

На новогодних праздниках можете играть с данным читом БЕСПЛАТНО.

Нажмите на деда мороза ;)

New internal cheat
Все подробности ТУТ


PayPal restore/upgrade button
Webmoney - Z607893065737
QIWI - +79163698698
The program costs 12$ US Dollars (You will have no limits while you're using the program)
Any updates done by yourself that has caused you to lose the program will cost 6$ US Dollars to receive it back after buying it for 12$ (Updates as in example; recovery, restoring files after reinstalling windows etcetera..)
You'll receive an addition program which is an "Version Updater". It'll help you to get the latest version of the program that is being updated by me (or use 'by the Development team' or 'by MadDog')
My Skype is:


Don't add me unless you have paid.
But if you paid when added me in Skype pls write your paypal email.